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I want to inspire and share in my journey with the world through many creative mediums.

Brandi Hofer



Brandi Hofer is an artist, muralist, author, and educator. Hofer is most well known for being a successful collected Canadian Artist, exhibiting internationally and across North America. In 2021 she was featured by Create Magazine in their article 28 Contemporary Artists You Need To Know About. Her podcast Colour Me Happy! Has garnered attention as one of the best art podcasts to binge this season by Create Magazine! She will head to New York September 2022 with PXP Contemporary Gallery to the Affordable Art Fair.

Hofer has just announced her largest project to date a 130x20ft mural to be installed July 2023, titled “Choose Love and Join Hands in Truth and Reconciliation”. In partnership with Lloydminster Region Health Foundation and Yellow Finch Images.

Hofer’s first book Colour Me Happy! See your everyday ordinary as extraordinary has been released!

She recently founded an Art Academy partnering with LPSD Lloydminster for students in her local public school district. Aiding in the creative learning in her community.

Her artwork has been featured on national television and can be found in international publications and Saatchi Gallery numerous times. She has experience in creating custom artworks for designers and translates her artwork into large-scale murals. Some of her collectors include Jillian Harris, Sarah Baeumler, Andrew Salgado, Jann Arden, and Sarah Nicole Landry (thebbirdspapaya).

Hofer has attended creative residencies at Red Deer College, Toronto Island, the Marnay Art Centre outside of Paris France, and in Montreal, Quebec. Her work has appeared in HGTV’s House of Bryan as well as Island of Brian, and featured in a General Motors commercial. Most recently herself and her family at their in-home art studio for an international commercial for Walmart.

She continues to inspire and share in her journey with the world through many creative mediums.

Brandi Hofer’s studio where she works and creates with her children is located in the quiet Canadian prairies.

Growing up in the southern US, I quickly learned there was a certain expectation of how to “properly” be a woman: now, I challenge what that looks like, using performed femininity as a tool to reveal not only gender disparities, but also to illuminate the relentless critique and politicization of the female body. Instead of hiding or denying femme aesthetics and female sexuality, my pieces embrace, highlight, and empower them, while acknowledging all the awkwardness, humor, and theatricality they entail. My work is a balancing act between sensual forms and playful materials. By augmenting erotic, sensual armatures with glistening rhinestones, feathery pom-poms, and candy-colored fabrics, I assign new meanings and connotations to the forms. Using primarily ceramics and fabric, I create sculptures that evoke pieces of oversized jewelry, shoes, and other fashion and domestic items. I begin a piece by sculpting a high-fired ceramic component, painting it, and carefully studding the surface one by one with tiny rhinestones. From here, I will add textile elements as well as beauty supplies materials like hair scrunchies and nail polish. The resulting pieces are flirtatious, attention-seeking, and deceptively superficial. Toying with their own actualities and potential, they can speak—glittery and powerful—to politics in their own voice: excessive, unabashedly hyper-feminine, and most importantly, pink.

Woman of Power
DIRTYLAND universe
Strength and POWER
Female Warriors
Viveros Anti Pinup Girls
Girl Power

  1. Head Instal Muralist for Choose Love and Join Hands In Truth and Reconciliation Partial proceeds being donated
  2. Director and Educator of Art Academy through Lloydminster Public School District
  3. 2022 Partnership with “I Like Your Work Podcast” Proceeds going to Lloydminster Sexual Assault Services
  4. 2021/22/23/24 Kindness Wins Campaign with Lloydminster & District Co-op Proceeds going to Anti Bullying Campaigns in our community
  5. 2021 Walmart commercial campaign featuring Brandi Hofer Studios
  6. 2021 Art Auction Raising funds for Local Bike for Breakfast campaign 100% of proceeds donated
  7. 2021 Black History Month, Saskatchewan Network for Art Collecting, 100% of proceeds donated
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