Marie Magnetic

“The women I paint are an extension of the the contemporary woman today – her strengths, her triumphs, her confidence. Always self-assured and determined, they represent what captivates me in other women, the qualities I admire and the strengths that we all have within.”

Marie Magnetic

Chicago, United States (US)


Marie Magnetic (b. 1989) was born in Jackson, MI, and resides in Chicago. Growing up in a small town in southwestern Michigan helped to shape Marie’s values as she witnessed friends and family experience addiction, mental health issues, poverty, and other forms of systemic disadvantage.

Marie has exhibited in group shows at the Jackson Junge Gallery, Woman Made Gallery, Fulton Street Collective, and a solo exhibit at Little Broken Things Hair Salon. Her art and poetry have been published in Headlight Review, Decapitate Magazine, and Handbasket Zine. Marie was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Central Michigan University. Recently, she received an honorable mention from The Grey Cube Gallery and an artist grant from the Haven Foundation.

I am inspired by my identity as a Jewish, Indigenous (Blackfeet Nation), neurodivergent (ADHD), and queer woman as I examine dystopia, delight, and delusion in society. My artwork reflects the experiences of being othered. In my work, I critique the mundane, the morose, and the magnificently mad. I like to experiment with art, and I use painting, collage, and mixed media to delve into a world where familiarity and the unknown merge. Overall, I hope to teach my audience to think about the world differently, challenge societal norms, and inspire a greater social consciousness.

Inspiration: Politics, social issues, neurodivergence, feminism

Artist Grant, The Haven Foundation

Honorable Mention, Grey Cube Gallery Special Recognition, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 989-854-8245


Sally Khoury (Sally K)

Sally Khoury (Sally K)

“The women I paint are an extension of the the contemporary woman today –

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