Sally Khoury (Sally K)

“The women I paint are an extension of the the contemporary woman today – her strengths, her triumphs, her confidence. Always self-assured and determined, they represent what captivates me in other women, the qualities I admire and the strengths that we all have within.”

Sally Khoury (Sally K)



Sally K is a distinguished Lebanese-American artist who currently resides and works in Doha, Qatar. Her formative years were spent in Saudi Arabia before relocating to Beirut, Lebanon, at the age of 14. Sally earned her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from the Lebanese American University in 2004.

My artistic journey has been dedicated to the portrayal of the contemporary woman, in all her beauty, power, and diversity. I have focused exclusively on portrait painting, seeking to capture the essence of each unique woman who represents my generation. My focus is to highlight the inherent strength and confidence that each woman possesses.

The subjects of my portraits are women who radiate femininity and power, with their eyes covered and immersed in blooming florals that extend beyond the canvas. By concealing their eyes, I invite a personal connection to the artwork, evoking a sense of familiarity and universality. The solid background serves to complement and emphasize the woman, while the floral crowns are a striking combination of large blooming florals and small wildflowers, symbolizing the mystic and whimsical aspects of nature. The integration of woman and nature creates a dual force that elevates and supports both their importance.

My work celebrates the diversity of women from all cultures and backgrounds, and aims to inspire and uplift women by reminding them of their innate beauty, strength, and resilience. I hope that when women view my paintings, they are empowered by the feminine spirit and recognize their own unique qualities. Through my art, I strive to create a celebration of the beauty and power of women.


Sally draws inspiration from diverse sources, including photography, fashion, and the works of artists such as Joanne Corneau (Corno), and Gustav Klimt.


The theme in the work is the celebration of women’s strength, beauty, and resilience in harmony with the natural world, emphasizing unity and empowerment.

Collections & Publications
Kelsy has released several Collections on her website, the most notable collections being:
• Alive in Love (2023)
• Dreamland (2022)
• Spring Statements (2022)
• Bohemian Warrior (2021)
• In Her Element (2020)

Kelsy is published in the September Issue of “Artist Close Up Contemporary Art Magazine.”
Kelsy is published in the “Studio Visit Book Vol. 2” with Arts to Hearts Project

Kelsy has conducted several workshops both for beginners and more advanced students. The workshops allow fellow artists to learn the art of macrame and to take home a piece of their own creation under the encouraging tutelage of Kelsy.

Group Exhibitions

Group Exhibition, Seasons, Ten Moir Gallery – Online, 2023

  • Month long exhibition showcasing the beloved ‘Honeycomb’

Group Exhibition, The Great Escape, Gallery George, 2023
• Showcased Six Contemporary Fibre Art Pieces in Vancouver, BC Art Gallery

Group Exhibition, Pacific Arts Gallery, 2023
• Eight Week Exhibition showcasing One Large Contemporary Fibre Art Masterpiece in Vancouver, BC Art Gallery

Group Exhibition, Women in Art, Kariton Gallery, 2023
• Local Exhibit showcasing Women in Art in Abbotsford, BC Art Gallery

Group Exhibition, Like a Mother, BHA Gallery, 2022
• Online, Curated Art Exhibit showcasing Women in Art

Finalist in the Blu Sky Artist Awards – Ten Moir Gallery, July 2023

Honourable Mention for ‘Seasons’ Exhibition – Ten Moir Gallery, September 2023

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Phone: +97450610200


Kelsy Schumacher

Kelsy Schumacher

“Art is a release of what lies within

Marie Magnetic

Marie Magnetic

“The women I paint are an extension of the the contemporary woman today –